Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rainy weather blues

Well, the weather this summer has been absolutely wretched, and I'm getting grumpier and grumpier. We had some sunny days at the beginning, but now it's just rainy all the time. Ethan's been home for almost 2 weeks now, and we haven't gone hiking once because it has rained like a sonofabitch every time I'm off. We're planning to leave on a short camping trip Tuesday and come back Thursday, but it looks like it will rain Wednesday, of course. I told Ethan that I didn't care, we're going anyways. Because if we don't, summer will be over, and we won't have done anything fun.

This is also affecting my end table project. I've gotten one end table pretty much finished in terms of the stripping, but I need to finish sanding it, then stain it, and finally put some polyurethane on it. I haven't even started stripping the coffee table or the other end table. I'm really worried about getting this part of the project done before fall, because I'm going to be away a lot in August. So I'm trying to use every possible day I can to work on it, but it's getting tiresome. I kind of wish I had never signed up for this.

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baasheep said...

Eugh I feel your pain, its pissing down over here. Its a long weekend and its fricking monsoon season! Grr..