Monday, February 25, 2008


So this week will be week 3 of house searching. Which is not a long time, but so far I've looked at 10 or 12 houses, so I'm starting to fade a little. Especially since it requires patience to find the right house, and I've never been real big on patience to start with.

Last time, I found a house that I really liked, but then found out it had a Home Owner's Association, which made it a no go for us. Yeah, yeah, I know some people really like HOAs. But the thing is, they are usually written to make certain kinds of people conform to standards, and uh, that's us. We're the kind who are likely to install the "wrong" mailbox, or not mow the lawn, or not ask for permission before painting our house even if we do paint it the "right" color. I liked the house enough that I thought to myself "Could we put up with a HOA?" and I realized that the answer is no. Every month, when we paid the fees, we'd be mad. And every time they fussed at us for breaking a rule, we'd be mad. It's just not worth the heartache.

Suffice to say, we're still looking with no real contenders in the file. And with what's out there, it might be a while before we find the right house.

Patience. Patience.

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Henna said...

Don't give up! When D and I bought our house 10 years ago it was a total seller's market and houses were sold within an HOUR of being put on the market. We looked at a lot of crap before we found THE one. And I say no way to the HOA!