Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well, to my embarrassment, I joined the world of the ditch divers today. I was coming back from Girdwood, and it was snowing really hard, and it was a really wet snow, so the roads were a mess. I'd actually gotten through the worst part, when I was coming around a curve and I lost control. I almost got it back, but the next thing I knew, I had gone off the road and down the embankment.

Fortunately, the car stayed upright. Unfortunately, the ground was really soft and when I tried to drive out, my tires would just dig into the dirt. I was sitting there, trying to figure out if I could get out on my own, or if I would have to call someone, when someone stopped to help. He said he would not be able to pull me out, but he might be able to drive me somewhere. I was hoping he'd actually give the car a shove, enough to give me enough traction to pop over the little hill. Then as we were standing there, I realized that further down the embankment was someone's driveway -- which led out to the road. So I ended up backing down the embankment and driving out on the driveway.

I tell you, I am so freaking lucky sometimes. There were no cars behind me or coming toward me, so no one hit me when I was out of control. The road I was on really winds a lot, and has steep cliffs down to the water -- but I went off a shallow embankment on the land side of the road. There are very few houses along this road, but I happened to go off the ditch in front of one with a nice driveway. So all's well that ends well, and I'm thanking my lucky stars this morning.

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Alpha Monkey said...

Jeez, that's scary. I'm glad you're ok!