Wednesday, October 03, 2007

State Fair, finally

I'm finally posting some state fair pics. None of these are award winning, but they're interesting enough.

The prize winning cabbage! It's only 56 lbs. I've seen 75 lb cabbages there.

The flash kind of messed up this picture by putting that shadow across the llama's face, but it also made him squint, which I thought was really cute!

This dude was wandering around. I'm not really sure what the deal with his outfit was.

The award winning quilt, for all you sewing types.

And this one's for Ethan, who loves pigs! The piglets were so cute. Too bad they grow up into ugly, mean pigs.


Alpha Monkey said...

Cool pix! Did you go on any of the rides? That cabbage is GINORMOUS. I wonder how many rabbits it would feed.

L said...

I did not go on any of the rides because I was alone, and they aren't really that much fun if you don't have anyone to scream with.

I'm thinking 27 rabbits could eat for 1 day on that cabbage.

eaf said...

Dude, the llama is my favorite by far. He looks old and wise, like a Llama King!