Sunday, August 12, 2007

Going Solo

So, I got brave and went camping all by myself! Well, sort of. My friends Heidi and Dan hiked out with me, but left me there with their dogs so they could go back and wait for carpet installers (who never came). I think spending the night by myself still counts.

Heidi and Dan in front of my campsite.

It was actually pretty fun, even though I forgot my book and ended up going to bed early. Our campsite was next to an alpine lake and a stream. After I set up camp, the dogs and I walked around to the back of the lake, up onto a moraine, and then to a lookout above the lake. There were a bunch of little animals living in the rocks on the moraine, and I saw a couple of pikas! I saw one on my very first hike in AK 7 years ago and haven't seen one since. They're pretty shy.

The pika! He's pretty camouflaged. I had to crop it a lot, so the resolution isn't that great.

Then we came back to the tent, and I went skinny dipping while waiting for dinner to cook. I spent about 30 seconds in the water because it was freezing! It was really warm out and I dried out really quickly, though.

The next morning, I woke up early and went for another short hike to the back of the main valley. I saw some sheep back there, but they were really far away and I didn't get a good picture. Oh well. We returned to my friend's house that afternoon, just as everyone else was getting out on the trailhead. I was happy that I had been camping the night before, when no one was out there.

So, no bears! Yay! And it was fun, although I definitely would prefer to go with other people. But I am not against doing it again.

Me and the dogs at the campsite.


sv said...

wow. nice work there, squirrel! your landscape is so different from what i associate with camping — when we go, it's into the interior of a very foresty park with lots of lakes... not so wide open, so the idea of doing it alone freaks me out . but it looks gorgeous and sounds like a cool [and brave] thing you did.
never heard of a pika before, but he's cute!

how's life treating you? i'm back on top, though a bit disturbed by the entire voyage through down and then back up. for now, though, am not thinking about it. am eating watermelon at 3am and that's that. — sv.

Henna said...

Good for you girl! I would be afraid of bears too, but I imagine I would feel pretty safe with the dogs around. Way to go!

L said...

Yeah, the dogs were a big help to feeling safe. :) I also sang a lot, trying to scare away the bears -- which must have worked, although it's a little embarrassing when you come around the corner and run into another hiker.

sv -- I'm up for now, although I anticipate more roller-coaster type stuff as I start grad classes and go through the job questions (again)! But I'm glad you're back on top. Hope the new job treats you well!