Saturday, August 04, 2007

The 0.5 Glacier Cruise

So, the 26 Glacier Cruise was not exactly what I expected. Turns out that our boat ride was an express trip to Valdez and back, no stops, no looking at glaciers. It was run by the same people who run the 26 Glacier Cruise, but it wasn't offered on their website, because it's only for Princess Cruise passengers. Also, the weather was shitty, so we couldn't see much. I mean, I know we were passing a bunch of glaciers, but they were all obscured by low clouds and fog. We did get to see a teeny-tiny part of Shoup Glacier, and some icebergs, but it was rather anticlimactic. Still, it was fun, and much better than spending a day at work.

Highlights of the trip: we got to see a bunch of sea lions munching on a dead whale. I don't know if the whale was dead and they found it, or if they killed it. I think it's probably the former, since I don't think sea lions kill whales on their own. Here's a picture of the sea lions in all their glory on the beach:

The other highlight of the trip was that there was a lady on the boat with no pants on! When the passengers were loading, one of the crew members came up to the captain and said "One of the passengers has no pants". Of course the captain said "What?!?" The other girl told her "Well, she came up to the gift shop and asked if we sold pants. When I told her no, she turned to her friend and said 'I don't have any pants! What am I going to do?'." Later, we saw the lady as she was getting off the boat. It looked like she had a long shirt on or something, but sure enough, no pants. I couldn't even see any shorts. It was so weird. How do you forget your pants? Especially in Alaska, where it's cold? I thought about taking a picture, but I thought it might be crossing the line.

Here we are, post-cruise, in front of the boat. We were on the Klondike express, not the giant cruise ship in the background (a.k.a. The Pants Optional).

So, um, that's it for now. I'm on mids for a little while here, so maybe I'll have something else interesting to say, but probably not. Either way, stay tuned. ;)


Ning said...

Pants schmants.

L said...

You know, it wouldn't have been so bad if she wasn't like, 55.