Monday, July 09, 2007

Don't Make Me Turn this Car Around!!

So, I'm getting to go on a 26 Glacier Cruise with work at the end of the month. The guy who arranged it put me in charge of the field trip because I'm the permanent employee who's been here the longest (the other guys are 2 interns and a brand-spanking new guy). I'm also the oldest one...sniff, sniff.

Today I asked ET (our genius intern who is well known for his scintillating conversation skills) if he knew anything about it. "Oh" he says "you're the den mother, right?" Ouch. I like to pretend I'm still young and cool. But I can tell already I'll be driving the NWS mini-van, with these dudes sitting in the back rolling their eyes at me.

Then ET asks if I'm going to buy them all lunch. WTF, man? Do you think money grows on trees (to pull out a mom phrase)? He says "Well, I thought maybe you'd bring Subway or something." No I'm not buying your lunch, and I'm not responsible for you eating either.

Fortunately I found out that the 26 Glacier Cruise has a complimentary hot lunch of battered halibut. Yum! I should make ET tie a napkin around his neck so he doesn't get dirty.

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