Friday, June 29, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy stalks a pedestrian

I read in the newspaper today that there has been a bear exhibiting problem behavior, i.e. stalking, in Kincaid Park. That's one of my favorite places to ride to! In fact, the bridge that the particular story took place by was my most recent turn around point! Gulp. Guess I'll have to cool it for a little while with Kincaid. And I'm definitely not doing any trail riding over there for the time being.

Stupid bears.

Here's some pictures for you:

These pictures are from my trip to Eklutna lake last week. I went down there with my coworker. We rode along the dirt bike trail for about 10 miles, and then spent 2 hours kayaking on the lake. I don't have any kayaking pictures but I do have some more biking pictures that I will upload....when I get the film developed.

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