Wednesday, January 31, 2007


My dreams lately haven't been so great. The night before last, I dreamed that my father died. I was so sad and lonely in my dream and I couldn't stop crying. There was some lady from the funeral home or something there and she said "Well, at least you have your husband to comfort you" and I said "No, I don't. He's in Kuwait". Also, I was trying to deliver the eulogy and she kept interrupting me and reading what I had in my notes, even though I wanted to say something different. So I told her to shut up, and then everyone yelled at me for being mean to her.

Then last night, I had a work dream (sort of). I dreamed that E's boss, who looked surprisingly like my old boss from hell, asked me to do a weather forecast for some high-up General or something. I was looking at the satellite when I saw a low pressure system that the computer models weren't showing. I told E's boss that I thought that system was going to move into the Gulf of Mexico and turn into a tropical storm, even though the computer models didn't show it at all. He asked when that would happen, and I told him in a couple of days. "Well, what about tomorrow?" he said. So I told him the weather would be the same that it had been today, a few thunderstorms in the southern part of the state, but mostly sunny. He was going to take that forecast to the General, and I started to write a paper about this low pressure system that was going to turn into a tropical storm. I had almost finished with the paper and E's boss told me that they would publish it, so I was really excited. Then I went to bed (or something) and when I woke up the next morning, there had been a huge tornado that ripped through the base (which was Camp Shelby, where E was at training last summer). All these people and animals were dying or injured, and I was crying because it was my fault since I had failed to predict the tornado. I felt so guilty, like I was too wrapped up in my paper to see the signs of the tornado. Then I realized E hadn't called me, and I started worrying that he was dead or injured. Finally I woke up.

I think I'm having some abandonment and guilt issues.


eaf said...

Doing Weather Reports for the Duffman in your dreams? You must be in bad shape!

It's still amazing to me how many of your dreams you remember. I mean, I can't remember what I ate for breakfast, let alone something that happened in the nether reaches of my brain while I was deep in sleep. Considering your recent experience, I suppose I should be glad about that...

Robyn said...