Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

It is Thanksgiving, and I'm here at work, again. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (I think I mentioned that last year) and it seems like I have to work every year. So it's easy for me to get grumpy today. But instead of getting grumpy, I'm going to list the things I'm thankful for:
  • my husband
  • my family and his family
  • my friends -- I got 5 invitations to Thanksgiving dinner today!
  • my great apartment
  • my kitty cat
  • financial stability
  • clean water, clean air
  • good health and physical capability
  • all the cool stuff I own
  • a good job
  • all the opportunities I've had over the years
  • the fact that E is in Kuwait, not in Iraq
  • the fact that E being in Kuwait gives me some time to get to know myself again and learn how to be a good in-law
  • the fact that someone at work brought in pumpkin pie today, since the in-laws decided not to make any (note to SIL: sweet potato pie is NOT a substitute)
  • transportation
  • the great location where I live
  • the fact that there's a brand-new episode of Gray's Anatomy on tonight and I remembered to tape it
  • you! Gentle blog reader, you make me feel loved and important! And don't think I don't know who you are, because for the most part, I do.

In other news: I found this site on Ziola's blog. And I spent all day updating books that I have read. You can see a list of random books from my library on the side; I didn't put "recent" books in there because they're all recent since I just started the account, and will be for a while as I continue to update the library. Anyway, I really like the site so far....we'll see how well it performs with suggestions and such.


Robyn said...

"learn how to be a good in-law"- I know how that is! My in-laws are in state and my family is in FL- so I see them so much more than my own family

baasheep said...

Belated happy thanksgiving!

L said...

Thanks baasheep/Fluffy!

Yeah Robyn, sounds like you and I are on the same page. I feel guilty towards my family sometimes. But it also helps to remember that if I were living this close to my family they would be driving me nuts too!