Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Joy of Having Pets

So, I was just talking on the phone to my friend H, who has two dogs and a cat. She totally understands when I complain about my wonderful cat. Our conversation went something like this:

me: So what time do you want me to come over tomorrow?
H: I was thinking about one.
me: OK, I was thinking I could bring....GRAY, NO! Don't barf there! Ack, ack!
H: Uh oh.
me: Yeah, she throwing up some treats I gave her on something I had lying on the floor.
H: Ha ha. How do they always find that stuff?
me: What a brat. Anyway, I was thinking I could bring that movie I rented yesterday.
H: Sure, what's it.....STOP BARKING! You need to be quiet or I'm going to put you outside....what's the movie about?
me: Oh it's a funny one about....EW! GRAY!! Don't eat that! Stop it! Goddamn it, I guess that means I have to clean that up right now.
H: Animals are so gross.
me: Yeah, I know. Anyway the movie is The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.
H: Oh I love that one! When I was little....CAT, STOP IT! You're ruining my Halloween decorations.

And so on. What joy pets bring to our gray little lives.

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