Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan

Today has been an annoying day so far. First of all, I tried to call the FAA maintenance center and the lady was very rude to me. Then when I said maybe I should call back, she told me that my "presentation" was off. Well, excuse me. I'm sorry if you've been busy answering phones all day, but I thought it was your goddamn job to answer phones when stuff was broken. Regardless, it's not my fault your crappy equipment failed, so don't get all snippy with me. (And to think I was polite to her orginally).

Then, I tried to do my Japanese homework. Yeah, I know I'm at work. Shut it. Anyway, I'm supposed to log on to this Blackboard thingy (which apparantly is just a blogging client) to get my first homework assigment. Except I can't seem to figure out my username and password. When I do the username look up, the website tells me I can't be found. According to my registration page, my username is one thing. But another part of the website told me that it should be the first part of my university e-mail address, which is different than what the registration says my username is. Regardless, I tried to use both usernames with the default password, and I just get error messages. So now I can't log into Blackboard to get my first homework assignment.

This is really annoying to me because I am already worried about how I appear (as a student) to the teacher. The attendance policy has gotten very strict, and I know I will probably fail the class just because I cannot make all the classes due to shift work. I could try to switch shifts with people, but there are already so many classes I would miss, it would just be a nightmare. Anyway, I talked to the teacher about it, and she was very nice and said that if I'm not worried about the grade, it wouldn't be a problem to keep me in the class. I'm hoping I do well, and maybe I can petition to raise it to a C or something at the end. But now I'm going to look like a slacker tomorrow, because I won't have my homework.

It wouldn't be a huge problem if I weren't working nights. I am already going to be struggling to wake up early enough to go to class, so I don't see how I can stay up or get up even earlier to fix the username/password issue, complete the homework, and then go to class. I hate working nights. And I really hate the fact that everyone expects you to be a normal person, do all the normal daytime stuff, and not be exhausted. People just have no clue and are unsympathetic. Grrr.

On the positive side, I made dinner for E's family tonight and it rocked! Especially since I just completely made up the recipes. Well, they didn't exactly rave about it, but they liked it well enough. Which is good, because I always feel like I can never live up to my BIL's cooking. So yay for not being a crappy cook!

Edit: At the suggestion of my coworker, I e-mailed my professor, who e-mailed me back at 2:30 in the AM (!) to say that for some reason I'm not on the Blackboard roster. So I need to call the IT center. She also gave me the assigment, which is pretty easy and I have it halfway completed already.

Also, after all that pissing and moaning on my part, my other coworker came in with the news that he did not get much sleep because a close friend died suddenly. Now I really feel like a schmuck, because that's an actual problem, not just a minor inconvenience.

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