Monday, July 17, 2006

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Well, now that E has had a chance to get on and check out the wedding pics, I'm going to write a little post. Mostly because I've been inspired by other's blogs and want to get back into writing.

First, let me say henna and speechie, thanks for your comments re: the wedding! I'm glad to know you enjoyed my lengthy description. And henna, I agree, E turned out pretty well. ;)

So this girl at my work is going to Cabo San Lucas for a wedding in January, and lo and behold, she is staying at the exact same place we stayed at when we were there in 2002. Which brought back all kinds of good memories. We had a wonderful vacation, and the resort was very nice. I felt like a rich person, even though I'm not. It made me think about our honeymoon, too. I am hoping we stay someplace kind of nice. I mean, I love, love, love camping and saving mucho $$ because we are living in a tent, but sometimes I want the fancy room. And the honeymoon would be a good time for that.

Providing that we actually pick a honeymoon location. Of course, there will be plenty of time for that.

In other news (aka, the boring life of squirrel), my flowers are awesome this year! Except the Flowerbed of Death that lies next to the driveway. I think that one suffers because it dries out more than all the other flowerbeds and I never water it. But all my other flowers are doing great! On the front step, I have two containers of herbs, from which I harvested the first basil last night, and a pot with some petunias, thyme and some other kind of flower in it. I didn't know this, but the thyme actually blooms! It didn't at all last year. Possibly because it dried out, I don't know. But it's got these beautiful little purple flowers all over it this year. I love it.

Then in the back yard, I have a bed with sunflowers, pansies, petunias and dahlias in it. Surprisingly enough, the sunflowers are doing great! I planted them from seed in the house and they are already starting to bloom. I must have gotten an odd dwarf variety though, because they don't have the big centers like sunflowers usually do. And, they haven't grown above my head yet. Ah well, I'll make sure to get a different kind next year.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy because I started all these plants from seed, and they are doing really well. It's so nice to see something flourish when you have been nursing it along this whole time.

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