Sunday, February 26, 2006

Look where I've been!

create your own visited states map

Hmm. It's kind of funny--while I've been to Hawaii and Alaska, two states most people don't get to, there's a big hole in the midwest. I have to say, if I never get to visit Nebraska, I don't think my heart will be broken.

Edited to add: I've been taking an online gov't learning course in html. When I posted this originally, the map was way too big and it interfered with the sidebar. So, using my handy-dandy new skills, I came back in and edited the html to fix it. And *insert fanfare here* it WORKED! I'm so proud of myself--even though this is a basic skill.


Henna said...

Hmm, I think a trip to Wisconsin is in order!!!!

L said...

It's on the "someday" list (with about 2000 other places, of course). :)