Friday, September 09, 2005

Kibbles and Bits

Yeah, I haven't written in a couple days. Partly because I've been busy, and partly because I actually have work to do as a forecaster. So my blogging time (which is at work, how bad is that?) has been greatly diminished.

So what's new this week? Well, I got my fat ass off the couch and went to a Tuesday Night Race guessed it, Tuesday night. It was hard! And I accidently cheated because I followed the guy in front of me instead of the little pink ribbon. So I cut a couple minutes off the race. Which meant I was like number 350 instead of 365 (no joke). I'm not too worried about that one. Anyway, it felt good to run. I have such a hard time working out on mid shifts though, especially when I have stuff to do like Japanese class. But I need to get back on the band wagon, because I'm going to be a fatty.

Then Wednesday I played Dungeons and Dragons with E and his brother. I'm not going to post about that right now because I don't feel like getting into it. I have this like-hate relationship with D&D. Notice I said like, not love, because unlike E, I still don't love it. But I tolerate it from time to time.

Yesterday was Japanese class. I got back a quiz and found out that I had blown it. It shouldn't matter because I'm not getting a degree or anything, but the perfectionist in me got all pissy. So that means more studying, I guess.

What else is new? I got my bridesmaid's dress for my friend's wedding. It was a little big on top. As in, my boobs are just way too small. I think the straps will have to be shortened, but I think I'm also going to have to pad it. The front comes way down, so I think I'll need some of those stick on deals. This should be interesting. I'm getting excited though. I'm excited to go home, because I haven't really been home in two years, I'm excited to wear a pretty dress, and I'm excited to be in my friend's wedding. Hurrah!

Today I got an e-mail from my friend V. He and his wife just celebrated their first anniversary by going skydiving. How cool is that? I checked out his website and he had pics of that and pics of his new house, which is basically my dream house. ***Okay, I was going to link to the MLS listing. But he has it on a "friends only" site, so I don't want to violate his privacy by posting it here. Here's a description though: it's a white house, two stories with garage and front porch. It has azaleas outside and a beautiful yard withplenty of trees. It has a large kitchen with a windowed breakfast nook and a living room with a fireplace. That's all he showed. I don't know what the bedrooms are like, but there are 4. It's gorgeous. 1900 square feet.***

I love getting e-mails from V, but they always make me a little happy and a little sad at the same time. He has a great life, and every time I hear from him it's good news. But, I can't help but feeling a little jealous at times (see dream house note). I guess part of it is that he and I tried to have a relationship a couple of different times, and it totally didn't work out. Although I know that we will never get together (and I don't want to), I still have a little soft spot in my heart for him. He is a special friend.

And damn, I want my dream house! Sniff. That's okay though. If I got everything I wanted, I wouldn't have anything left to daydream about.

One last note, before I get back to "working", a.k.a. surfing the net, I just want throw out some props to my girl Henna. I just love her writing style. Her style is always what I strive for, but instead, mine turns out to be sappy drivel whenever I try to write something introspective. So way to go, Henna, you rock!


Henna said...

Ha, you are soooo delusional, but thanks for the props. I always look forward to your updates because they inspire me to get out and enjoy the outdoors more. Way too much work this year, not enough camping.

eaf said...

Note that buying a similar dream house in Alaska would cost you approximately $453,954. That's why the eskimos lived in houses made of ice blocks. Not only is it cheaper, but you don't have to worry about your beer getting cold.