Saturday, July 30, 2005

Strangers in the Night

So there's this guy at my work, and he sings ALL THE TIME. Not just singing along with the radio, or his ipod, but randomly. There's constantly humming or singing coming from his workstation. If you say something, he frequently responds in song. For example if you say "Remember back in 2001, when blah blah happened?", he'll start humming the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey. He's actually in the Anchorage Concert Chorus, so he has a nice voice, but sometimes I feel like, DAMN! SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Plus, it's almost always some classical music, or a jazz song or something. As in, I don't know if the dude knows what rock and roll even is. Well, that's not true. Tonight he was singing Smoke on the Water. Only, you know how most people would sing it like "DA, DA, DA, DA, DA, DA-DA" with that "I've smoked too many cigarettes (among other things)" kind of voice while playing air guitar? This dude sings it like he's crooning a love song to some girl on a balcony. With vibrato. I tell ya.

I guess it's better than listening to another guy at my old work. That guy used to sing a lot too, except it was in falsetto. He would also repeat the current popular catchphrase incessantly. For a while it was "Fo' shizzle my nizzle!", in the tone of voice that ladies in cartoons use when jumping on chairs to avoid mice. Yeah, kind of screamy like that. Snoop Dogg would be rolling over in his grave. I mean, if he were dead.

All this would be more tolerable if I worked in a real office, where people had offices, or at least enclosed cubicles. But in the weather business, you need to have interaction with each other. So we have these cubicles with no walls, and you have to spend 8 hours every day socializing. Now think about this: scientists are notorious for having poor social skills. Meteorologists are not the exception; they're the rule. So working in a weather office is like being commited to an asylum for 40 hours a week. I tell ya, everyone here is crazy except for me.

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